Safe, relaxing, and not a needle in sight – these are just some of the reasons why CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) facial toning has been voted the most effective anti-ageing treatment outside of surgery walls.

Twenty years of medical research has resulted in an ‘ultimate’ treatment package combining facial toning, gentle dermal rejuvenation and LED light therapy; so you can put your best foot forward and brighten up the world with toned, smooth and youthful skin.

Visible benefits are noticeable after a single session, but to really reap long-lasting rewards from CACI, a bespoke programme of up to fifteen follow-up treatments is recommended – this is of course based on your individual needs and a success plan is mapped out at your initial consultation.

To help you achieve a radiant, revitalised face we offer special rates and instalment options for advanced CACI block-bookings.

To find out more please visit the CACI website.